What We Do

Crossroads For Florida Kids’ attorneys provide needed advocacy for vulnerable children in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Currently we represent many children in their dependency proceedings. We also represent the civil legal needs of children in their delinquency proceedings, and several children and young adults in their criminal proceedings.

Some of the kids we represent have children of their own. The first child referred to Crossroads for representation was a teen girl who had been a good student in high school and was looking forward to attending college; i.e., until she was placed in a foster care home because of a parental problem.  She ran away from the home, got into trouble, was arrested with others and charged as an adult, and jailed for several weeks.  Two of our attorneys represented her in dependency court and, after the Public Defender’s office withdrew because of a conflict, two Crossroads attorneys began representing her in criminal court.  The teen was released from adult jail, and has been reunified with her family and is back in school.

Some of the kids have children of their own, some have serious mental or physical problems, and ALL bear the burden of past abuse or neglect that caused them to be found dependent on the State of Florida for their care. Learn how you can get involved and make a difference.