‘Re-Moved’: Short film gives glimpse into life of foster children

It is easy to distance yourself from the reality of harsh situations, especially the foster care system. After all, it isn’t in your life, family or household. Thanks to the news and constant feed on social media, you may aware of the problems involved in the foster care system, or know somebody that has been involved, but it is hard for those that haven’t experienced foster care first hand to understand what these children are faced with.

A recent short film by Nathanael Matanick titled, ‘ReMoved’, give’s us a glimpse into what it is really like from the perspective of a kid in this situation.(http://vimeo.com/73172036) In its 12 minutes, you may experience the emotion it clearly intended to invoke. It’s okay. Go ahead. Be human.

Stories like this one are shared by thousands of children. There are lots of opinions and choices to be made during the adoption and foster care processes.

First, a decision must be made to place a child in foster care or for adoption by the parent, or often times by the state.

Then well-intentioned families make the decision to adopt or foster a child, then ultimately deciding on which child they would like to bring in to their family.

Judges are given the task of determining where a child is best suited during the length of this process.

It seems the only person not making decisions on the child’s behalf is the child.

To quote the opening segment in the film, “How could you ever understand where I come from? Even if you asked, even if you listened, you cannot really hear, or see, or feel. You don’t remember my story. You haven’t walked my path. You haven’t seen what I’ve seen.”

Crossroads for Florida Kids is determined to give children a voice, to fight on the child’s behalf for what they would like their future to be.

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Nathanael Matanick has also started a crowd-funding effort to raise money to film ‘ReMoved 2’. (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heschle/removed-part-two)